Hi, My name is Zhou Qiugong(周秋宫)


    小宅猿技术生活分享 (formerly known as "分享的博客") was created by administrator Zhou Qiugong in 2016. The original purpose was to record the personal growth process of technology learning, using WordPress as the website program to publish and share related articles, original videos, and repost other technical articles. However, due to learning and work reasons, the website was updated slowly. It wasn't until 2018 that some netizens found me through QQ and asked for help that I realized that the original intention of creating the website was to share with people who love learning technology like me. So, I began to reorganize the website, but plans were always unable to keep up with changes. After receiving a rectification notice for filing and public security filing, I renamed it "Small Homestead Ape," which further slowed down the update progress. Nevertheless, many netizens still got to know me through my website and gave me encouragement and support, and even some offered me projects that brought income. I would like to thank my netizens who have always silently supported me. Therefore, I began to plan to restart the website reorganization work, and in the mid-2019, I began to develop a new website to provide more technical.